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Roasted Asparagus Creamy Soup

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 25 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins
  • Yield: 6 cups
  • Category: Soup


This vibrant soup is SO simple to make yet deliciously creamy and full of succulent asparagus flavor.


  • Asparagus – 2 lbs, large
  • Olive Oil – 1-2 tbsp
  • Garlic – 2 cloves, peeled
  • Red Onion – 1/2, sliced
  • Chicken or Vegetable Broth – 2 cups
  • Dried Thyme – 1/2 tsp
  • Almond Milk – 1/2 cup
  • Nutritional Yeast – 2 tbsp
  • Salt & Pepper – to taste


  • Fresh Lemon Juice – a squeeze
  • Sour Cream – a spoonful
  • Green Onions – chopped, to taste
  • Black Pepper – freshly cracked, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
  2. Place asparagus, garlic and onion on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and drizzle with the olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme.
  3. Roast for about 15-18 minutes or until tender. Make sure to not let them burn.
  4. Reserve some of the asparagus tips for garnish.
  5. Add the roasted asparagus mixture to a blender (I used Vitamix). Pour broth and blend using the soup option until hot.
  6. Lower speed and add the almond milk and nutritional yeast, blend for an additional 15 seconds just to combine.
  7. Taste check for any additional salt. (If not using a Vitamix, you can pour contents into a large pot to heat everything through).
  8. When serving, top with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice, some sour cream, reserved asparagus tips, chopped green onions and freshly cracked pepper.


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